HS ESL students are registered as separate selections for Courses & Tutorials.

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Link below to Registration Form PDF files
Can be printed and sent home to gather info & get guardian consent
and/or filled out by school staff to aid in registering students.
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Please read all directions below before registering students.


  • The last record entered for a student will be the one used to register him/her. Previous records will be deleted. Information doesn't append to previous records, so all information must be entered in every submission (i.e., all personal information, every course selection, etc.). If adding or changing a course(s), tutorial, or test(s) in a student's record that was previously submitted, any courses, etc. that were previously entered and will still be taken will need to be entered in subsequent submissions.
  • Use mixed case on text (i.e., capitalize first letter, lowercase on remaining letters of name, etc.).
  • Use syntax shown in parenthesis next to Date of Birth and Phone #s.
  • Click the Revised/Resubmitted button when resubmitting a student.
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Link to Summer School Employment webpage.

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